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In their own words: Junior League of Olympia members share why they love JLO

Amy Jackson

When I joined JLO five years ago, I did so because my son started school and I had some time to give to my community. Little did I know how much more JLO gives back to its members! JLO offers friendship opportunities, community improvement and involvement. I’m still amazed at the countless training opportunities that are available to improve myself, widen my breadth of knowledge in my community as well as how to manage a nonprofit organization. I can now take these tools with me on to whatever venture I seek out next.

Connie Guthrie

People often ask me why I joined Junior League of Olympia and what do we do. Yes, I've met some incredible women and we have a lot of fun, but we also are addressing serious issues that impact Thurston County. Thurston County has a higher rate of low-income children than the statewide average (48% of 10th graders versus the state average of 31%) with 21% of all 10th graders experiencing physical abuse (state average of 17%). We also have a higher percentage of children and adults who have experienced Adverse Childhood Effects (ACE's) than the state average. These are sobering statistics for our small community. Junior League of Olympia actively supports programs that address these issues, in addition to advocating for and instilling positive change in our community.

Lisa Bishop

I live in a house full of men and work in a male-dominated industry. When I was introduced to Junior League I saw a chance to interact with WOMEN while helping my community. These wonderful ladies have become my extended family. They support each other and help each other grow.  I love the opportunity to learn from them and about them. The impact Junior League has on South Puget Sound is incredible. The many different service projects over the years have a wide-reaching impact on all ages. This organization is the perfect fit for me and my need to help others. I spread the word about Junior League every chance I get.

Karla Salp

I've enjoyed working with and getting to know the women at JLO, especially working in the smaller committees.  I am very passionate about JLO's focus area of the prevention of child abuse and neglect and that is what drew me to JLO.  I've worked with - and even run - nonprofits before and I'm very impressed with how JLO engages their members and empowers them to work toward improving the organization, the community and themselves!

Marianne McIntosh

I love being a member of Junior League of Olympia! I have met fabulous women who have become life long friends. These women all have different backgrounds such as stay-at-home moms, entrepreneurs, state employees, nurses, doctors, dentists, lawyers, and the list continues. I have learned many new skills in my various volunteer positions. These skills I wouldn't have learned at my job but now I can add these skills to my resume. I also love the League's commitment to the community. We created the Community Summit to bring Thurston county leaders and residents together to discuss adverse childhood effects (ACEs) and how can we as a community decrease the ACEs. We all want the children in our community to feel safe and the families to have resources if help is needed. These are just a few of the things I love about the Junior League of Olympia.

Hannah McDonald

I joined the Junior League of Olympia to be able to participate in a variety of meaningful volunteer opportunities.  And while the volunteer opportunities are an important part of what I enjoy about being a League Member, I've discovered the League is so much more. In the last eight years of being a JLO member, what I have come to love most about the League is the amazing women I've met and friendships I've made, the leadership and training opportunities I have had the opportunity to participate in, and the impact I see our League have on the community in which we live.

Mary Ferris

I love JLO because I've met many friends through the League as well as made many business connections. Thanks to JLO, I have someone to call on a Friday night to go dancing, a smart vet to care for my sick dog, a dentist with a spa-like office, a lawyer to help with adoption paperwork, a chiropractor to keep my hips aligned, a group of friends with whom I've run 3 half marathons, and a JLO friend was how I met my husband! 

Stacy Johnson

My mantra as a parent is, "Be the woman that you want your daughter to become."  Being a member of Junior League helps me to fulfill my mission of being a rolemodel.  I believe that developing my character and participating in the betterment of my community is as important as my professional and personal goals.  Through my involvement, I've had the opportunity to develop my leadership skills, serve my community and meet my best friends.  I would strongly encourage moms and young professionals to join us in our mission of developing the potential of women, improving our community and promoting volunteerism.

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